modular home direct payment plan

You can now easily make payments toward your home
without having to pay everything upfront!

It’s easy and free.

Step 1: Create an account here.

Step 2: Click “Order” for the home you want by going to the model number(s) of the home(s) you’re interested in purchasing and go to checkout.

Step 3: Place an order with the “Direct Bank Transfer” option, but don’t pay. This will add the home(s) to your account as “Pending” status and will add the home you’re paying towards to your account. It may take up to 24 hours to see the balance due of the home you placed an order for.

Step 4: Now you can pay any amount for any duration by going to My Account > Balance > Make Payment here. Every amount you pay will decrease your balance. When the balance is paid off, we’ll contact you to confirm that the shipping address on file is correct. If you want to customize your home, we can begin this process once 10% is paid.

Step 5: When your balance is paid off, we will begin the manufacturing process which will take 7-8 weeks to arrive to your lot, so please plan accordingly. After we ship your home, we will provide you with the tracking number. If you’re not yet ready for us to ship your home yet, we’ll hold it for you for 1 month, but then we’ll have to start charging storage fees.


If you have any additional questions, please contact us.



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